Boot Time Program. Run on power on.

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Boot Time Program. Run on power on.

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I am trying to figure out a way to load an xmos c .xe executable (or the related binary) into the startKIT's on board memory such that the executable program will run as the device is powered on without the overhead of running it through the xTIME Composer Studio. This should be possible, and simple, but I can not seem to find a decent tutorial on how to do this. Links, tips, advice would all be greatly appreciated.

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Load an xe binary into the startKIT's on board flash memory with the xflash button in xTIMEcomposer:
This uses the xflash command line tool like so:

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xflash binary.xe
After flashing the program runs the next time the device is powered on without requiring the xTAG or xTIMEcomposer.
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Post by mon2 » ... e-programs

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Programming the FLASH

To permanently store the program in FLASH, select Run->Flash Configurations. In the window that appears, double-click on xCORE Application as shown here: