lib_xtcp change broadcast address ?

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lib_xtcp change broadcast address ?

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For a project with Artnet, the broadcast address must be changed. The XTCP responds correctly to broadcast. For Artnet, however, additional addresses are required. Normally, the broadcast is formed by or from the netmask. This does not work with the XTCP this speaks only to the general broadcast and not to

The Artnet Node works for the first time but only with a Poll on and not or

How to set or add broadcast addresses in XTCP ?

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I don't think broadcasts and multicasts get a special treatment by xTCP before being passed to uIP, the underlying TCP/IP stack.

You might be able to change the broadcast IP (or MAC) address in uIP, although there is a good chance it will be hardcoded in a couple of places in uIP as well.