DFU in lib_usb 3.1.1

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DFU in lib_usb 3.1.1

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While evaluating lib_usb 3.1.1 I noticed that there is a dfu folder under a folder named "experimental". After searching the XMOS documentation, it looks like the only official mention of DFU support is with the usb audio 2.0 series of example firmware. So a few questions come up for me:

Are there any examples of using DFU outside of usb audio applications?
Is there any official documentation and/or examples using the DFU api in lib_usb?
Considering that the DFU library is marked experimental, is it not recommended to use this for production?


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Yes, the productized DFU and examples in the USB Audio reference design.
lib_usb is fine for products.
You should be careful with dfu and ensure you test thoroughly if you wish to use it as we can't make any guarantees.
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