Schematic review - XEF-216 SODIMM module (AVB+USB audio)

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Schematic review - XEF-216 SODIMM module (AVB+USB audio)

Post by nippoo »

Hi there!

New to the XMOS ecosystem. I'm building a SODIMM-200 module that I'm planning to use across a few related projects. Initially it's going to be the core of a 32-channel audio amplifier, with USB or AVB input (ideally switchable).

Before I go any further, here's a minimal schematic. I'm planning to assign pinouts based on ease of routing (as well as route all unused XMOS pins to pins of the SODIMM module to allow for future expansion).

Could anyone spot any glaring errors? I've run through the schematic checklist already.

The bit I'm most unsure about is the clocking structure. This is loosely based on XMOS reference designs - I believe I'll need to generate a stable audio clock with a PLL from the AVB (or USB?).

Related questions:
- will I be able to have USB audio and AVB audio tiles simultaneously? Or switch them at runtime? (Should I use one of the larger XMOS chips?)
- has anyone come up with a Milan-compliant AVB implementation for XMOS?
- would there be any benefit (for this use) in attaching some SDRAM to the chip? Or is the onboard RAM enough for 32 channel AVB/USB -> TDM conversion (ideally at 96kHz)?

Thanks in advance!

(I'm also planning to open-source this whole design - if anyone would find it useful, or wishes to collaborate, please let me know!)

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Post by fabra »

Hi nippoo,

if you want to run USB and AVB simultanously I would recommend to use the XE232, since you will run out of resources on teh XE216 if you don't do lots of optimisations.

On board RAM should be sufficient for 32 channels.

At we offer a Milan compliant version of lib_tsn. There you can also request a recommended pinout.

Happt to discuss more details directly per PM or on a call.