Why xTIME Composer Studio (Community_14.4.1) can not find my device while XTC Tools can?

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Why xTIME Composer Studio (Community_14.4.1) can not find my device while XTC Tools can?

Post by fsczp »

When I use XTC Tools for a test , I type "xrun -l"
the console show that it can find my device

Available XMOS Devices

ID Name Adapter ID Devices
-- ---- ---------- -------

when I use xTIME Composer Command Prompt (Community_14.4.1)
it shows me the message below

Available XMOS Devices

No Available Devices Found

then I open xTIME Composer Studio (Community_14.4.1)
Run->Run Configuration ->xCore Application

Device options:
Run on : hardware
Target: I can see nothing here....
I press the button "Refresh list" ,but still can't discover my device。

so what't wrong with my environment?

I am a noob,

Need your help
Thanks a lot!

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Post by CousinItt »

I get this problem a lot with Windows 10 x64. So far the thing that works for me is a combination of:

1) connecting the PC to the xTAG after both the target and PC have powered up, and

2) trying xrun -l until it works.

Eventually it does work for me.
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Post by MaximLiadov »

This is a known issue. The XTAG firmware is based on an old USB module that has some issues with specific USB hardware that have been fixed in the new USB library. I think so.
1. If possible, find a pure USB2.0 port in your PC for better compatibility.
2. Each time you turn off device power, reconnect XTAG USB.
Works for me.