XMOS automatic boot

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XMOS automatic boot

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We used a simple RC circuit for our reset circuit of XEF216-512-TQ128 to wait 1ms after the power is enabled. Sadly, our chip only boots if we start a program with the XTAG Programmer, but it is our goal to make it start if powered on. I attached screenshots of our boot sequence below (Yellow=Reset_N, Blue=3,3V, Red=1V). Do you think we have a hardware problem here, or is there a special flag in the software that is needed to start the XMOS processor when it is powered on?

Thank you in advance; we appreciate any helpful information!
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Simpler RC isnt good for XMOS plus at moment of reset you need valid CLK. Not scoped.
Try quicker RC or better voltage controller reset ICs.
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See the section headed "Board Integration" in the data sheet.