How to test and debug using XTC Tools (v15)

Technical questions regarding the XTC tools and programming with XMOS.
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How to test and debug using XTC Tools (v15)

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My name is Stephane and I am new to XMOS. I successfully configured and compile the code for USB Audio Hardware platform using XU216. Now I want to test it, because I do not yet have the HW, I wanted to use XSIM. I am using XTC Tools.
How can we test and debug code? I am lost? How do configure Visual Studio Code to step by step and set break points, change / monitor variables etc... ?

Thank you very much for your help!


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To simulate the complete USB Audio design on xsim would be a huge task - all the peripherals would have to be implemented as plugins for xsim, and even so the run time would be huge. Xsim is a cycle accurate simulator really for smaller tasks.