How to add core-ai to xTIMEComposer Studio

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How to add core-ai to xTIMEComposer Studio

Post by Vitalii »

I have the following problem, xTimeComposer Studio throws an error regarding to xcore-ai board.
Can someone help me to tofix this case?
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Post by Ross »

You will need tools versions 15+ for support (which doesn't come with the IDE)

I believe some users on here have hacked the IDE from 14 to use the tools from 15.
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Post by AndyCap »

I'm not sure if you have already done this:

Copy the contents of the xcore_sdk ( into the xTimecomposer folder.
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Post by Kronoh »

I got the same problem. I think its because your board package isnt in xTIME Composer. I use an XK-EVK-XU316 board and she's not available on the target setting and I didnt find a package on internet to run her. Did someone have an idea ?
Version of my XTC Tools : 15.2.1
Version of my xTIME Composer studio : 14.4.1
(is it a version problem ?)