XTC Tools - IDE Debugging?

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I have now running xTimeComposer successfully with XTC15. It is as simple as you have written. I have made a copy of my existing installation xTimeComposer 14.3.3 folder. Then I have replaced the files from xTimeComposer 14.3.3 with the files from XTC15. Till now, you can't start the refurbished xTimeComposer. You have to customize the variable PATH in "SetEnv" as you have posted above. You have to add '$XMOS_TOOL_PATH/xtimecomposer_bin' like this:

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 export PATH=$XMOS_TOOL_PATH/bin:$XMOS_TOOL_PATH/xtimecomposer_bin:$XMOS_TOOL_PATH/arm_toolchain/bin:$PATH
I have only tested yet compile, run, flash and debug.

Unfortunately, you can't check which compiler version is used on compile. But you can test it indirectly, if you compile an old 14.3.3 project with an old version of the *.xn file. The new compiler stops with an error.

When I have tried to run my program on the hardware, I got an error message. I can't remember it exactly, but it was something with "force" and "firmware". After I have reconnected the xtag to the computer, I was able to run my program on the hardware.

Important: XMOS does not recommend to run XTC15 with the xTimeComposer. Doing it anyway, is on you own risk.