Hello && input select problem

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Hello && input select problem

Post by billaj »

Hi,i want to make a project on XU216-512-TQ128 . USB input ,one SPDIF input, and one I2S input. i wonder if there are enough resources??? Is there any document to know how many resources the USB input module will need, or how many resources the SPDIF input module will need.
In addition, is there any example i can follow in this project??

Thanks for answering!!!

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Post by CousinItt »

xTIMEcomposer allows you to download each library you need into your workspace (the libraries and library info views should be open by default in the edit perspective). Each library comes with a document that tells you how to use it and the resources it needs (typically these will vary depending on the library's features you intend to use).

Similarly, xTIMEcomposer lets you download examples for using each library. Click on the Examples button to open the examples perspective and look around there or use the search facility.