XMOS Chips suggestion for Upcoming Project

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XMOS Chips suggestion for Upcoming Project

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We are creating a Prototype of our final product and the requirement we have is we need is mentioned below :
1. To interact 1 set of Microphone and speaker on each side of face with USB2.0/USB 3.0 or USB Type C
2. Multiple mic inputs and multiple speaker output along with Noise cancellation also with software programming procedure.
3. Customized wake word option in chip.

The XMOS Chips that I could find with following features are
1. XVF3510 Dev Kit: XK-VF3510-L71-AVS
2. XVF3500 Dev Kit: XK-VF3500-L33-AVS
3. XVF3000 Dev Kit: XK-VF3000-L33-AVS

I am not sure how to implement the wake word feature using the above Chips without the Rasberry pi 3 boards. If any one can help me out over here it would be helpful.

Attached below is the requirement Image with this thread for your reference.
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