How to recover signal if use window function to do

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CousinItt wrote: Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:32 pm Ideally the Nyquist component should be small, because if it's not then you're on the verge of aliasing. When you say it's different, is it large? Is your input data appropriately band-limited?

I understand that the window function is being applied after the forward transform, but the effect would have to give the same result as the usual method. I'm not sure why you're using a window function in this case. Have you tried simply not using it? Take a look at this example ... using.html
Yes, the Nyquist component is small but every frame is different. Now, the most problem is the "music noise" after spectral subtraction. And I doubt it is because of the spectrum leakage, so I add window function. But after applying window function, output is strange even if I don't do spectral subtraction. So I think, is there any other operation before do IDFT ? I am not very familiar with this aspect. Thank you very much if you can answer it