XE232 Developement Board Exist?

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XE232 Developement Board Exist?

Post by lorenzochiesi »

Hi All,

I'm wondering about a new project with UASB and Ethernet active at the same time which requires at least 3 tile to work.
Thus the natural device for this is a XE232 IC.

I would like to avoid starting a new HW design with BGA IC before have proven firmware and application functionality, thus what I really need is a developement board for that IC.
Unfortunately this seems simply not exist in XMOS portfolio...am I right? Is something near to be released on this side?

Exist wsome 3rdy part design could be used to prototype with thet IC?
Someone have something already manufactured that could be selled to another company/university (we are in Italy) to speed up our design?

Many thanks,

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Post by mon2 »

Hi. We will be working on some "lower" cost development boards and can review the XE232 but is not yet confirmed with no firm ETA. In the past we designed a XE232 DIMM module but never did close the project to assembly. If there is an interest, can try to dig up the details on this Altium job.
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Post by SteVai »

I am looking for the same for a robotics development. The 16-core microcontroller would be very close to starting to limit.
It is a pity that there is no development kit for the 32-core microcontroller
I join the request if anyone is considering developing it.

From already thank you very much
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Post by fabra »

I would expect that Ethernet and USB can run together on the XE216. The question is what you want to be contained in your network stack.
For running USB and AVB you would hit the limits of the XE216.
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Post by aclassifier »

For my part, I have been satisfied with both the startKIT, the xCORE-200 Explorer board and the round 7-mic mic array boards. As long as not too many of the 1-bit ports are used internally, and that there are enough I/O. Not much of a spec, but give me a concrete spec and I'd be happy to comment. Plus, double price of the xCORE-200 Explorer board is the pain limit. Anything closer to the Explorer's price and I might buy even .. two of them. (I am a hobbyist)
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