Availability and Support for XMOS XK-AVB-LC-SYS

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Availability and Support for XMOS XK-AVB-LC-SYS

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We are interested in your Product, XMOS XK-AVB-LC-SYS. Curious to know if you still extend support for this product through software or hardware.

Cisco Systems.

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From my product management colleagues:

"This product ( XMOS XK-AVB-LC-SYS) and the associated software is not recommended for new designs and this is reflected on the product support page https://www.xmos.com/support/boards?product=14769 . New customers should be directed to the xCORE-200 Multichannel Audio Platform https://www.xmos.com/support/boards?product=18334 and the Time Sensitive Network software https://www.xmos.com/support/software/tsn"