XU208-256-QF48 Incomplete Ports

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XU208-256-QF48 Incomplete Ports

Postby dlh » Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:02 am

I had a previous project put on hold and we are now looking at using the XU208-256-QF48 for another project. Looking at this part and its portmap part has raised a few questions.

1) Some ports have incomplete pin mappings, for example P4C has P4C2 and P4C3 unconnected. I am wondering how this affects things if I want to use P4C0 and P4C1? Can I use them as effectively a 2 bit port?
2) If the internal flash part is used, dose that free up the QSPI pins?
3) This is more a general xmos question, but we wish to have multiple I2S data lines connected and they will all share common clocks. Is it fine to use a 4bit port for 4 I2S TX lines, or must they each be 1 bit ports?

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Postby qiusongxiao » Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:00 am

1,你可以把4C当做4bit port 使用,4C0和41是有物理的输入输出,4C2和4C3没有物理I/O脚。
2,XU208-256-QF48里面没有内置的QSPI flash
3, 可以使用4bit port来做I2S,您可以使用相应的例程去开发。



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