Climate Prediction CPU (GPU)

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Climate Prediction CPU (GPU)

Post by aspadistra »

Version: 1
Status: Just an idea
License: LGPL

Climate Prediction CPU (GPU).
I need more detailed information on XMOS's architecture in general to tweak my "Climate Prediction Coprocessor" proposal so that this computing platform may be used as an alternate option.
Possibly it could be used by :, or CPDN, is a distributed computing project to investigate and reduce uncertainties in climate modelling. It aims to do this by running hundreds of thousands of different models (a large Climate ensemble) using the donated idle time of ordinary personal computers, thereby leading to a better understanding of how models are affected by small changes in the many parameters known to influence the global climate.

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Post by shawn »

The Xmos is a well threaded engine I think Xmos distributed any and everywhere will do very well.
Especially comparing data sets as complex as those aspired by the earth and natural sciences.
Nice Idea ; ), enjoy your adventure into CSP, it grows on you ; )