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Version: 1
Status: Under development
License: Custom Licence

XBase, a base board using XMOS processor.

• Processing power can be increased by simple connection of another XBase, either above or in-line with the first XBase.

• ADC, 8 channels, up to 1 000 000 samples/sec.

• FT2232 for serial communications and serial bootloader.

• Arduino shield footprint and functions to add one of the numerous shields available.

• Alternate footprint exposing all ports of the XS1-L1 TQFP 128
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Post by shawn »

You got my five stars. I seen this on your earlier post. When you complete this project and you like results and may decide to look for a pool of people to coop a run of boards, count me in. I am also looking to finance a desktop air re-flow setup, then I should be able to assemble just about anything.
The art of re-flow is very stringent yet with the right tools its extremely easy. Still I have much to learn about re-flow. Anyone recommend a good book, the deeper the better.