An XCore in my Strat~

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An XCore in my Strat~

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Version: 0.01
Status: Under development
License: GPL

Gathering idea's

I have a preCBS 64 Fender Strat some what prept. As I modify the electronics

I will pay extreme detail as I did the last time that I opened her up for surgery.

The last time I installed Lace pickup's, completely rewired the switch, used same

vintage 3 way switch. No modes to faceplate, no digital or active parts.

I set up the switch bridge pickup, middle & neck pickup, neck pickup. The

bridge pickup, a Red Lace for lead, the middle and neck pickups, Blue Lace for

Blues & Rythme. I used TBXdualpots and set the blue pickups out of phase

in such a way so as to trim w/ phase. It's a little complicated, I aslo made it so

that the tone controller could do CV control in passive from the 2nd pot of the

TBXpot that phased. TBXes can cutoff/on at half turn. Used a standard RTS jack.

Yes it wierd, it worked perfect, I learned that simple passive designs can be very

powerfull and are an elegant form of beaty. The possible series, parallel and

series~parallel with 3 pickup two colors can make you want toggles. Most

combinations acheive simular results so instead I kept original dualpole triple throw,

and worked it to acheive a little more than stanard tone setup, preserving vintage

style while extrating tambres not completely vintage. So this is my platform.