XC-1 Proto-Shield

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XC-1 Proto-Shield

Post by Omer »

Version: 1
Status: Complete
License: Custom Licence
Download: /files/project_builds/protoboard-XC1.zip

This is a very simple PCB design that sits on top of an XC-1 and provides ample prototyping space. By using 'stackable' headers, a number of these proto-shields can be used on one XC-1.
It is exactly the same size as an XC-1 as I used the original gerbers provided for the outline and connector spacing (thanks for publishing those XMOS!)
Tested gerber files and the drill information are attached to this project. There are also a few pictures of a manufactured board.
Happy prototyping! :)

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Post by Interactive_Matter »

That looks really usefull! Thanks for sharing!
Do you have any idea to get it for a recent pricing? (in contrast to e.g. batchpcb)?