Typo in XS1-XA8A-10-FB265 Datasheet

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Typo in XS1-XA8A-10-FB265 Datasheet

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1) What is the ETA for the latest XS1-XA8A-10-FB265 Datasheet ? Requested this access last week with a message of "may take 1-2 days".

The last version received under NDA is Version 1.5 8/8/2014. Document Number: X005109v6.

The above datasheet lists an error on ball R16. This datasheet lists R16 as NC (No connect).

Yet, the posted XA-MODULE Board schematic with Date: 24/11/2014 has R16 = AVSS = Ground.

Will logically conclude that the schematic being more current is correct and the datasheet is missing this detail but wish to confirm against the latest datasheet for this component.

The review is not yet complete so additional posts may follow to identify other potential errors.


2) Also to confirm, NC are to be truly left as no connects and may be used internally to the device ? Our PCB designer would like to use the NC balls to assist in the layout but as a precaution, will leave as NC - read a similar forum posting here on this subject.

Will raise the above as a document bug with your ticket system.

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Regarding the NC of pins.  Xmos takes this to mean no connect to the pin, and not "not connected" internally.  Therefore the pins cannot be routed through.

https://www.xcore.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... it=#p18418