3 x 9x9x9 LED Cube needs an XMOS freelance developer (paid)

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3 x 9x9x9 LED Cube needs an XMOS freelance developer (paid)

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Hi all,

Just joined up to the XMOS exchange website in hope to find some XMOS developers who would help me with a project we're working on at the moment.

In a nutshell, the project is called "Swarm", and consists of 3 x 9x9x9 LED cubes hanging from the ceiling (it's essentially a chandelier) which will be exhibited in the design fair during Art Basel in June. See the below rendering of the installation:


The electronics side of things has been done already and I'm looking for an XMOS developer to help me write the driving code for the LEDs using the XC-2 Ethernet kit.

Essentially I will use 2 of the kits per cube, so 6 in total to receive LED greyscale data (1 byte per LED) and output 3 x 81 lines of serial data to drive the LEDs.

Obviously there's a lot more detail in there but is this something any of you are interested in?

please feel free to email or call to discuss this,


Stuart Wood
07919 655 712

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Video is password protected?
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please, comment more on serial output organization