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Post by DrFingersSchaefer »

I must admit to being unimpressed with the purchasing options for UK folk.

As a UK dweller buying product from a UK company I would like to do so in real UKP and have delivery from somewhere in the UK.

Or at least Europe.

I get fed up with the tax on innovation & technology that we face in the UK.

I am less than impressed with having to find the cash to pay the delivery man the VAT/duty for the package that I have already paid someone elsewhere for. This is a hidden additional charge.

It would be great to be able to order a package of items all together from one place and for most if not all of them to arrive together. Certain items being only available through specific suppliers makes this difficult.

Being able to lump a bunch of items together from a reduced number of suppliers helps purchasers to make the minimum thresholds required for inclusive postage. (Nothing is free)

Lastly I guess from green and carbon footprint perspectives shipping individual items from afar is less efficient than shipping a bulk order to the UK and then distributing locally.

I do appreciate however that XMOS are just starting out and are perhaps currently in the process of assembling their supply chains. The situation in the UK does however need a good looking at.

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