Error running app_ethernet_loopback on Slicekit

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Error running app_ethernet_loopback on Slicekit

Post by jarnot »

When I compile and run app_sk_gpio_eth_combo_demo for the Slicekit, everything works fine. When I do the same for app_ethernet_loopback I get:

> xrun --io bin/app_ethernet_loopback.xe
Ethernet initialised
Loopback running
xrun: Program received signal ET_LOAD_STORE, Memory access exception.
[Switching to tile[1] core[1]]

I am using 13.0.2 in command line tools to build both of the .xe files.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


Robert J

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Post by fabra »

Hi Jarnot,

is this maybe the same issue: ... net#p40257

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