How to use RTXscope on StartKit?

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Hi Phil,

There is a great example available from the community tab (bottom left of the IDE) called startKit Dalek example. This uses the audio slice and implements a bi-quad filter on and audio stream before it is output again. You can view the audio in xScope in real time.

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Thanks. The Dalek sample seems to work, but obviously requires the audio slice, which I have, but I was not using before. Should the XScope work using the StartKit without the Audio Slice?
I'm still not sure why this one works and the adc example doesn't, but at least now I have something working that I can look at and see if I can adapt for my own code.
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I think I have figured it out. What is confusing (for a newbie), is that the adc example requires that XScope be enabled (readme file says: “ensure xscope i/o is enabled in the GUI”). When you view the RT scope tab, you can see the 4 ADC channels coming up in the left panel, so it looks like it is all supposed to just work. It is not immediately obvious that it is only using the xscope channel as a communications mechanism for the console output, and that you have to add your own additional code to the example to get an actual scope display to work.
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MatCat wrote:Ok I have managed to get data via the offline scope using a completely different method (using xscope_core_int), though it will not work with live.

Also I don't seem to be getting value from the ADC, all values read 0.
Hi !Time flies. It is 4 years since you asked the question.These days I encountered the almost totally same problem as yours. When I disable the xscope, the code runs perfectly. Once I use the xscope to debug, the code seems to stop. In the real-time mode, all values are 0; In the offline mode, I got this picture:

Are the red and purple blocks audio data? I am working on the example note:AN00162, and I just want to see the audio data wave transferred by the adc.
Any answer would be appreciated !
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