XMOS Waveform Viewer - Designing With XMOS

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XMOS Waveform Viewer - Designing With XMOS

Post by jason »


Join Kris Jacobs and David May, as they discuss another key feature of our free XMOS design tools - the waveform viewer.

This handy utility allows us to link pin outputs on XMOS processors with the software code that caused these changes in state to occur. Great news when trying to figure out what line of code made a pin change state. Watch the video to learn more and see this tool in action.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you are on YouTube - or let us know your feedback here in the forum. What would you like to see more of in the future video wise?

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Post by TonyD »

Very nice, I particularly like the way you can see what code segment generated a pin change and that it links to the timing analysis program as well.
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Post by shawn »

FFT's surely DFT's even better
Sound kit class
Music kit class
MIMD/SIMD funtions
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Post by lilltroll »

So I tried it out myself with the blinking LED examples (tutorials)
I could see everything that happens in the wave-window, but how do you connect it back to "where it happends" in the code ?
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Post by Andy »

You double click on the waveform and it should highlight the line of code... it sometimes doesn't work though. An option to highlight the assembly instruction instead would perhaps be useful.