Connect two XU316 devices using xCONNECT

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Connect two XU316 devices using xCONNECT

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I'd like to connect two XU316 devices using xCONNECT.

Can this be prototyped using two XK-EVK-XU316?
If yes, is there a reference guide/example available that I can use to help me get started?

Generally, I have trouble finding resources on how to connect 2 or more XU316 devices.
I've read the following document ... 1.0%29.pdf
and found these two posts
but they referring to the xCORE-200 series.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Hi Alex
you can see port mapping on this xls file here:

you can workout xConnect with J13 and J15 related to xlink1 and xlink2 on tile1

form my (little) experience on this complex subject, I d recommend that you connect XL1 and XL2 on the same board, with 4 wires-jumpers (crossing up and dn) and doing a main() with 2 tasks on the tile1, trying to talk to each other.

I have done that with a an emulation of the xconnect protocol on 4 one bit port on a xu200 diyinhk board and this was very inspirational and I learnt a lot on how the protocol works, and the buffering and routing.
Here is the zip file enclosed, this is not a turnkey solution, just an outcome of some tests. the file xlink.h and xlink.xc are the one for accessing the real xlink. Hope this will give you some help.

count no less than a week to get everything working and packaged as a clean library with timeout handling, some handshake and crc check...

please share your findings :)
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Hi Fabrice
Thank you for putting together the spreadsheet of the port mapping, that is a great resource!

I just realized that there is actually an official example for XLINK available here: ... xlink.html

I must have missed this as it is an FreeRTOS example directory.

This together with your example will be a great starting point. Thanks