XTAG4 necessary for xcore.ai Evaluation Kit (XU316)?

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XTAG4 necessary for xcore.ai Evaluation Kit (XU316)?

Post by sarmad »

I just got my development board. I have connected it to my MacBook but I am seeing

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Available XMOS Devices

  No Available Devices Found
in my terminal. Is XTAG4 necessary to start developing on xcore.ai Evaluation Kit with XU316 processor?

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Post by CousinItt »

There should be an on-board debug adapter according to the photo and the schematic on the xmos.ai site.

The quick start guide doesn't refer to it in the same way though. I'm not sure which is right.

https://www.xmos.ai/download/xcore.ai-E ... art(6).pdf
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Post by fabriceo »

I just received an XK-EVK-XU316 (digikey has some left in stock). This is the new version 2, with 2 micro-usb connectors and the XTAG V4 is included on board!.
The Hardware schematics available on the xmos.ai website is uptodate, but not the Hardware manual V2 dated 2022/7/21 which describes a previous version of the board requiring an external xtag V4...

FYI, I just connected 2 usb cables to my MacBook Pro (M1 with Ventura) and installed XTC 15.1.4 and I was able to get an "hello world" program running on the devkit in less than an hour.

by the way the new approach of not delivery a full eclipse environment and suggesting to leave XC syntax by using libxcore is not that fair and not perfect at all. trying to use Visual Studio code and having the same level of efficiency is not yet possible at all... I will try xmake and xcommon makefile later, I hope it s compatible...let see

good luck for the next steps
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Post by Ross »

Make sure you connect both USB ports

Ive also found in recent tools versions I need to do xrun -l to kick the xtag into life, think this this is a small, recent, bugette in xrun.