one fw Compatible with multiple models of SPI-Flash

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one fw Compatible with multiple models of SPI-Flash

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The SPI-Flash used on the xCore-200 MC Audio development board is ISSI_IS25LQ016B.
For production needs, I removed ISSI_IS25LQ016B and replaced it with GIGADEVICE_GD25Q40C.
But unable to download firmware and boot up.
I found that the status registers of GIDADEV_GD25Q40C and ISSI_IS25LQ016B are different,
such as the position of QE_Bit: IS25LQ016B is at bit6 and GD25Q40C is at bit9,
and I set the <ExternalDevices> item in the XN file to
<Attribute Name="QE_BIT" Value="flash_qe_bit_9"/> will cause compilation errors.
In addition, in order to facilitate end users to upgrade the firmware, our firmware needs to be compatible with multiple models of SPI-Flash.
So I hope to get the function source code corresponding to quadflash.h and quadflashlib.h to modify, in order to achieve our goal of one firmware compatible with multiple SPI-Flash models

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