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Post by jonathan »

Bit confused, this seems to be the Wiki top level. Can someone create some kind of navigable structure to this Wiki for me so I can see what's been written and what pages exist? At the moment I can see there's actually quite a lot of content but only by clicking Random Page repeatedly. Am I missing something?

I know many Wiki articles are linked to directly from other places but it would be cool if the top-level page had more to guide you into the Wiki and showed off a little bit more of what content was on there (to encourage people to contribute).

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Post by Andy »

This page lists an index of all pages:
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Post by jason »

Indeed I intend for the front page to be clearly structured and a easy to use starting point to key topics and pages. Feel free to start compiling a contents if you wish which is nicely categorized, but I was waiting a while to see what topics there were so they can then be put in an some orderly manner.