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lib_xtcp Question.

Post by etori90 »

I found The version provided by github is 6.1.0, and the version provided by the XMOS website is 6.0.0. (in module_build_info file)

XMOS website and xTIMEcomposer (6.0.0):
XMOS github (6.1.0) :

1. Is version 6.1.0 not an official version? or Is there any reason not to update on XMOS website?
2. And Which of version works more safely and without errors? Which version do you recommend? it does not matter?

Please let me know if you know.
Thank you for reading.

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Post by akp »

6.1.0 is better but it still has errors. I have made several changes in my version of it. I've tried a pull request on the XMOS github before and they did nothing with it so I don't really do them anymore.