Adding a notch filter to Vocal Fusion Base example

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Adding a notch filter to Vocal Fusion Base example

Post by saulrodr »

New to XMOS.
I am working on a design based on the Vocal Fusion (xvf-3100 circular array) board. We use your standard "xvf base program".
1. I need to add notch filter to remove unwanted noise to the Direction of Arrival module: [xmos_audio]--->[my_nothch]--->[xmos_Direction of Arrival Module]--->
- I have no idea where to put my code or even how to integrate it.
- Is there any application note that would describe the steps to add custom code into an audio pipe-line?

Thank you,

Saul R.
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Post by infiniteimprobability »

Direction of arrival is calculated in the Beamformer block which follows the AEC block, which is fed by the raw mic inputs. Adding processing at the front end on the raw mics will likely be problematic for anything other than a linear phase filter. It could also affect the AEC performance because the AEC reference and the acoustically coupled far end signal will differ.
What's the actual problem? Do you have a point noise source that is dominating the DoA?