Hello from Commerce (Los Angeles), California USA

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Hello from Commerce (Los Angeles), California USA

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I'm new to XMOS products and am mostly familiar with PIC processors but i'm very interested in XMOS processors and think they would be extremely useful for my designs.

Also I have a question, how do I attach a photo or image?
I tried in a previous thread and it didn't display the images from a URL or using the IMG tag. Is it possible to upload images directly to the forum?

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Hi. I think the graphic posting tool is a bit goofy. You can try the steps below:

1) Click on Attachments under the post box

2) Add files

3) Select your file -> select Place inline

4) Then also drag and drop the file you have selected into the post box

The above steps appear to work for the most part. Sometimes the graphic is shown (ie. my self portrait) but others are marked as downloadable files). Either way, it is better to use this method so the posts remain with the XMOS website vs. 3rd party links that may expire without notice. Also observing that there is a limit to how many such attachments can be inserted - so you may have to create multiple posts.

http://www.xcore.com/download/file.php? ... ew&id=1786

http://www.xcore.com/download/file.php? ... ew&id=1787

Here is a self-portrait as an example:

http://www.xcore.com/download/file.php? ... ew&id=1785
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