Unofficial attempt at a mentor program

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Unofficial attempt at a mentor program

Post by johanar »

I'm following Jonathan's suggestion and advertising the group here, and maybe some more will find it :)

XMOS (unofficial) mentor program!

(copy-paste from group description)

Having seen it successfully used in other developers communities, I'd like to try starting a (so far unofficial) mentor program for XMOS developers. The plan is that those who need help getting started post some basic info about themselves and their project and then someone with more experience in this particular area, who can spare a little time every now and then, volunteers as mentor. It's then up to the mentor and mentee to decide how often and by which means they will communicate.

What a mentor program can do for you:
* Help you getting started with a bigger project.
* Avoid costly hardware mistakes (if your electronics skills are a little rusty, it might be a good idea to have someone else look at your schematics before making PCBs).
* Obtain expert knowledge in some area.
* Give more reliable support than asking questions in a forum and hoping for someone to reply.

What the mentor program can't do for you:
* Have someone else do all the hard work while you sit back and relax.
* Get you started with your first microcontroller/programming/electronics project ever. There are lots of good tutorials on the web and university courses for this. It would kinda be a little waste of resources to have a mentor teach you the basics.
* Give any promises. The mentors are unpaid volunteers so you can't demand that they do this and that.

Join here!

Don't hesitate to post suggestions of how to improve the mentor program!

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Post by otitov »

great idea! will use it for SDR on XMOS. thanks!