PCB layout for a StartKit daughter card

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PCB layout for a StartKit daughter card

Post by tuck1s »

Files created using RS Online DesignSpark here: https://github.com/tuck1s/XMOS_StartKit_DaughterCard

These have just the main connectors, laid out in configuration so that the daughter PCB could go under the StartKit, so the LEDs and push button are still accessible.

Note: this is an initial revision, subject to change, please check/use at your own risk. Do let me know if you think it's useful or if you spot any bugs.

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Post by mon2 »

Hi Tuck1s. We may be on the same wavelength here. We have finished a PCB design for LVDS interfacing with other Startkits or SliceKits and using a similar approach to stack our PCB with the Startkit.

The same PCB design is also compatible for use with the SliceKit and should allow for LVDS interfacing with other SliceKits using the onboard RJ45 connections and standard CAT5 / CAT6 cabling.

This will be a public design (Altium) but needs to be first hardware & s/w tested. If someone is keen to assist on the testing, do contact us. We are attempting to build the PCBs in the next few weeks or so. The design offers RJ45 connectors to daisy chain with other similar boards with the Startkit / SliceKit. More details can be supplied upon request.