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Information update on

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For the people who are interested, document updated on XMOS website about Adding DSP to the XMOS USB Audio 2.0 L1 Reference Design.


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I expect soon we will open one of these and find there is now XC Specification and Programming Guide that match the current language state.

The XC language, the tools, and of course the multi-core microcontrollers are awesome.

Thanks for keeping us up to date!
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Latest Update, there is now a new release of the CAN Bus module which can be used immediately.

This latest revision of the XMOS CAN controller offers the following functionality:
· Support CAN 2.0 specification parts A & B
· Programmable bit rate, up to 1Mbps (the maximum supported by CAN2.0)
· Support for standard (11-bit) and extended (29-bit) frame identifiers
· Support for remote frames
· Supports CRC pass through
· Fully implemented in software

The CAN bus module can be accessed either from (see or from within xTIMEcomposer.