64 PDM MEMS--->XU232-1024---> &XLINK& --->XU208-256-QF48--->CORE_BOARD

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64 PDM MEMS--->XU232-1024---> &XLINK& --->XU208-256-QF48--->CORE_BOARD

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I want to achieve 64 channels of microphone array audio sampling, with the sampling rate of 128 KHZ / 16 bit。my plane is : through XMOS chips to implement:
1、the preliminary idea is 64 product data management (PDM) data to a microphone into the XU232-1024 - FB374, complete PDM)to the PCM transformation;
2、and then through the X - link to transmit data to XU208-256 - QF48, converts the data to a USB data format, t
3、hrough BULK agreement passed to my core board do algorithm processing,

As above, please help me to evaluate the feasibility and risk, thank you very much

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in this case PDM stands for Pulse Density Modulation and not Product Data Management.
The main concern would be the available bandwidth on the USB and your latency requirements.
Your system requires 128kHz * 16bit * 64 microphones = 131.1 Mbit/s of bandwidth on the USB.
Is there a particoular reason you choose bulk transfers over isochronous transfers?