Any plans for the portable XMOS ever?

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Any plans for the portable XMOS ever?

Postby E1DA » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:56 am

Hi there, I tried the most popular XU208 in the USB/I2S bridge role and found your policy to supply source code quite optimal. In fact, I spent just a few days to get my XU208 proto working(including all adjustments for ES9038Q2M), that's hands up record in my experience. Any competitor's USB/I2S require months of stupid email ping-pong with ignorant chinese FAE, signing 100% useless NDA and so on, finally, you'll never get the source code and never really sure if all bugs are fixed or will be fixed after reports from the fields. XU208 is expensive(others 32/384+DSD: ALC4050 $1.3 30mA built-in flash 6x6mm and 5pcs 0402 surrounding, CS46L41-CWZR $5 10-15mA 3x3 BGA external flash), and that fact limiting its usage, however, the most serious problem is the current(XU208 110mA@44,1kHz) consumption and huge PCB area requirement.
Dear XMOS, if you still didn't notice, let me tell you about why your competitors in the USB/I2S solutions area so secretive regarding such trivial chips as USB/I2S. You'll not find any mention about CS46L41-CWZR on or ALC4050/4042 and others at realtek www, looks like they consider this product as a military-grade. The real reason is a moderate stupid idea to omit 3.5mm jack from iphone and further avalanche of our cute-chinese apple-followers with their inexpensive androids without 3.5mm jack too. The capacity of that market is hundreds millions of external USB-C DAC adapters. So my question is do you have any plans to be really portable?

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