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wifi module

Postby Marek » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:02 am


i have seen that the startkit has a slice which has an ueberintegrated wifi (possibly all on one chip?) - would it be possible to impement the core of functionality required for wifi on xmos?
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Postby mon2 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi Marek.

Do you mean this wifi slice board?


Here is a tutorial on using this slice board:

https://www.xmos.com/published/gpio-wi- ... tart-guide

Summary is that most wifi modules operates using UART, SPI or I2C interface. All such interfaces can be easily bit-banged using XMOS processors. XMOS is an ultra fast bit-banging CPU so yes it is very possible and has been done already to interface with this wifi module. You many other choices as well to do the same. Other options are ESP8266, etc. It may be more practical to start with the wifi slice and review the documentation. Be sure that the project is able to fit your XMOS main board (ie. the port pins land on the proper connector pins of the main board). Then with little or no modifications to the supplied software, you can start testing.

Note: The listing of compatible boards from XMOS does not list StartKit but rather other slicekits. Do you wish to use the Startkit + Wifi Slice ?

If yes, review this thread:


Chime back if you have other questions.

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