XMOS microphone boards or alternative?

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XMOS microphone boards or alternative?

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XCORE.AI EVALUATION KIT (XK-EVK-XU316), HW description here has a connector for one or two PDM mics.

It connects to "XMOS microphone boards" - which I didn't find. Any URL?

However, if they haven't appeared yet, anyone out there who has used any commercial breakout boards?
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Since one of my two mic array boards went dead here (and I haven't tried heating it in the oven, which my friend the expert suggested as a last resort. I fear it, bottom parts may fall off..) I need to port my SW onto the xCORE-200 dev board (which I have some of, here), and I am in need of a mic. I only need one. I have an overview (so far) at My MEMS microphones notes.

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