Licence / Open Source / GPL

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Licence / Open Source / GPL

Post by nico »

Hi everyone,

I am not sure to post in the right section ...

I would like to design a fully open source / libre usb audio board.
I will base my design on the reference design XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB and I may use the USB audio stack 6.15.2rc1 as a starting base for the final firmware.

From what I understand, I cannot use part of this code in my final code and release my final code under GPL (or similar licence), is that right ?

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Post by CousinItt »

It looks like you can't do that.

See 5.2 in the licence agreement (
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Post by akp »

Looks like you will have to build your own code based on the publicly available USB documents and XMOS datasheets. Good luck!