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Postby shawn » Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:59 am

Hi all,
It's been a while since I visited, I been using the Force ; )
I recently scored an old HiRoX macro zoom for SMT assemble and inspection.
Didn't come with controller but did come with CCD and fiber optic camera cable.
I am scared to ask HiRoX there price points on used CCU's, I did of course and
they'll let me know if one used unit in my budget shows up. Meanwhile I learned
a bit about CCU's. I also ran across some DIY projects noting one in particular
that uses the INMOS T222 and some dsp and aquired excellent results. I'am
inclined to build my own. HHHHHmmmmm??? "I know"! I could use XMOS
for the CCU. the benefits are multi fold in that I get a great CCU for a great lens plus
a CCU that is virtually unlimited in expansion or extension, plus any nice CCD that
falls my way I could quickly adapt into my war machine. Who's has experience
with CCU's ? Who knows CCD's ? Any reccomendations for the ADC ? Reccomendations
for a DSP if even necessary or not . I'm more than confident XMOS can hack my camera's.

back to the front,

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