What will happen to XMOSlinkers (and when)?

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What will happen to XMOSlinkers (and when)?

Post by Heater »

Now that we have Xcore what is going to happen to XMOSlinkers?
Is everyone changing boats already?
Will all the threads, projects from here get moved over?
If I understand both sites are run by XMOS so there must be a changeover plan in place.
Or is linkers to be spun off to the "community" somehow.
How would we cope with two forums?

By the way Xcore is looking very good. I'm looking forward to it growing and thriving.

Funnily gmail put the Xcores sign on mail to me into spam. Perhaps it's too close to Hard Core:)

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Post by shawn »

In the business inspiration posts I rhetorically suggested we have 3 sites.
Right now I can't log in there '?', most likely from under use. So did the, please
send me new password and get zero response. I posted here to see if mabee
admin@xlinker see and email it to me. Zero response so I dumped my post,
keeping it clean. So I'll take my time to fix that. NO! we don't need 3 sites...
What was i thinking. I really like the Xlinkers and there site they're pioneers. ; )
Perhaps the Two should merge.


PS speaking of business::This just hit the fan and it's serious.
Zvi Or-Bach seems to start a new enterprise every ten years:
2009 - NuPGA
1999 - eASIC
1989 - Chip Express
This is very much the kind of chip that complements the Core...JIT
There site didn't exist yesterday , funny I hit it.