Mouser as distributor

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Mouser as distributor

Post by octal »

why does XMOS keep distributing its products only via Digikey?
For us (oversea) at France, even if we buy from and pay in euros, Digikey keep using UPS as the only shipping alternative, and those systematically asks for taxes and "various fees" (of about 16 euros), i.e. we systematically pay about 25% more for any invoice from Digikey.

Why not use Mouser, where there is no "hidden" fees, and selling/shipping conditions are clear to everyone!!!

Just my cts :(

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Post by TSC »

Farnell/Newark/element14 also stock XMOS parts (same company, different names depending on region). Last time I checked, DigiKey still worked out to be the cheapest for XMOS development boards/kits when posted to New Zealand.

Maybe you could try a freight forwarding service. There would be a warehouse in the USA where the parcel is delivered, then it is forwarded to your address in France after you pay the forwarding fee.