"View active topics" does not show all

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"View active topics" does not show all

Post by pstnotpd »

I've noticed the "View active topics" doesn't seem to show all latest posts.

At this moment (sun 16 feb) for instance the xcore homepage shows a post about FFT convolution on the 15th which doesn't show up in the "View active topics"

Is this a user setting? Or is this something for the admins to look at?

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Post by phalt »

I'll look into this, or contact the right people.

'Active topics' should be topics that have been commented on recently or have had a large number of posts in a short amount of time.
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Post by Ross »

I have noticed an issue with this functionality also
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Post by zohaa »

What happened to the activity points?
Mine have dropped from 500 and something down to 32!!
Not that there seem to be much use for them at the moment.
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Post by sethu_jangala »

Go to your user profile and check the points breakdown:

Also, Have a look at the new points scheme: