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Post by aziv »

Not sure that it's a "cool" business idea, but it's a business I would love to see.

The XMOS series are great for prototyping software. What is lacking, it seems to me, is the electronics needed to make the hardware prototyping easier.
It's much harder to prototype in hardware than software, I find.

I would love it if there was a company that sold plug in boards for the XMOS. I know there's the USB sound board, but I have in mind things that are much simpler, for instance:
- a simple A/D interface (something that I really miss on the XMOS coming from Arduino)
- simple high power output (darlington array of transistors)
- relay board
They should be cheap too, so keep them as basic as possible.

I would like to have a "LEGO" set of building blocks that I can take out of a draw, plug into my XK-1 board, include the right library and just go without having to mess around breardboarding electronics.


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Post by jonathan »

Will be announced tomorrow! ;-)
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Post by shawn »

An Occam compiler written in XC.
Also an Occam interpreter on Xmos.
A full blown CSP environment.
Occam is CSP proven and would
complement the hardcore C++ programmers.
I believe C++ is tactical and Occam strategic.
There's about 100,000 C++ programmers.
C++ is not CSP, but has most serious programmers.
If said programmers a percentage of C++ ers, learn Occam,
Then Occam would have a similar level of
support as C++. It's difficult to find a truly CSP language.
Also the language has all ready been proven and supported.
Occam is still very contemporary just check developer at Kent.
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Post by jonathan »

I'm going to send XK-1 kits to otitov and johanar...

Congratulations guys: I'll need postal addresses... :-)

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Post by mark »

What resources do entrepreneurs need to develop with XMOS? We don't always have the tools or expertise to do what we dream about.

For starters I have access to great software developers but no one that can design a PCB. What other resources do people need?
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Post by russf »

Today I published our first library, containing two XMOS XS1-L1 variants (64,128). Look at the project for a link to the github repo.

I also have a second repo that has a general set of components I'm using, and also a library called xmossupport, which contains parts found on some of the XMOS reference designs. https://github.com/topiaruss/KiCad-Parts

Good luck. Pull requests encouraged.