Non linear echo suppression on VF3100

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Non linear echo suppression on VF3100

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Hi all,
I'm currently working with VF3100.
I have experienced problems (echo issues) in some conditions: for example in case of poor-quality loudspeakers or if you change the speakers volume.

Among the vfctrl parameters that can be configured, I found NLATTENONOFF (disabled by default) and NLAEC_MODE.
I have not found any documentation about these parameters.
How does NL training mode work?
Can anyone help me use them?


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Post by tilde »


I m working with DSP features, too. Documentation is not clear for me:

NLATTENONOFF - Non-Linear echo attenuation
NLAEC_MODE - Non-Linear AEC training mode

By experiments:
param GAMMA_E and GAMMA_ETAIL controls echo response time, bigger number means faster response
param AECSILENCELEVEL , lowest number means bigger effect

Docs available:
xCORE VocalFusion Control Users Guide: ... .0rc7).pdf

xCore VocalFusion Fine Tuning Guide: ... rc5%29.pdf

VocalFusion:recommendations and considerations for testingand optimisingfar-field voice applications: ... 1.0%29.pdf
With kind regards