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I would agree with Mike.
Having the root of a project (under windows) with a path no longer than 100 characters should give enough space for all reasonably named files to be created.
A quick fix is to create a mapped network drive (using local directory rather than a network location) and use this mapped drive as the project root.
Why 100?
Because the '.build' directory currently reuses a file's absolute path to create a unique directory structure under .build for build artefacts (e.g. the compiled file).
Thus, the path name of these artefacts can doubled in length of the original source.

It is planned that future releases will:
Reduce the likelihood of hitting the windows 260 character limit on file paths;
Warn when the 260 character limit looks like it will be a problem.
But ultimately, the limit is within the OS and we can't do a lot about it.