Multi TDM Channels

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Multi TDM Channels

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I am new to the XCORE and would like to make a project with the XCORE-200. Therefore I would like to use the XE216-512-TQ128 to Stream 52 Channels/24bit/44,1kHz Audio-Data from the PC via USB to multiple TDM Channels(2x TDM8 Out and In(6Pins) / 2xTDM8 Out and In(6Pins) / 1x TDM8 Out(3Pins)/ 1x TDM8 Out(3Pins) / 2x TDM8 In(4Pins)) and vice versa. Is this amount of TDMs possible? On the USB it seems to be the Maximum data rate, but can the data be outputted to different TDM Ports as shown before?
How about latency if using both tiles to do the Output and Input of the Audio-Streams. Can both Tiles be synchron of their clock and Output?

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