tsn_lib, avb talker

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tsn_lib, avb talker

Postby Sebastian » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:08 pm

Hello every one,

a short queastion, maybe someone could help me.

Since IOs 10.13, I wasn't abble to create a AVB connection between an Mac Mini and a XMOS Board.
I tried it with xCore-200 mutichannel audio platform and my custom board with a XEF232-1024-FB374.

After some sniffing of the 1722 Protokoll, I found out, that the [SFC] byte in the 61883-6 header is initialized only once with the value 0x02.
=> AM824 and 48Khz

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My "hack" solution is at the moment.

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int avb1722_create_packet(  unsigned char Buf0[],
                            avb1722_Talker_StreamConfig_t *stream_info,
                            ptp_time_info_mod64 *timeInfo,
                            audio_frame_t *frame,
                            int stream)
ISET_AVB1722_CIP_FDF(p61883Hdr, 0x02 ) ;

ISET_AVB1722_CIP_FDF(p61883Hdr, 0x04 ) ;


I had the same problem with the new RME Digiface AVB.
It seams, that Motu and XMOS do not analyze this [SFC] byte in Listener Mode, but Apple and RME does.

Has someone else reconized this behavior?


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