StartKit power consumption vs system frequency test

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StartKit power consumption vs system frequency test

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I am going to test, how the power consumption will be change by changing the system frequency.
Attached is what I changed. There were no changes in power consumption!! either by changing the oscillator nor system freq, there was no change in power consumption!!

Can anyone guide me please?

I want to make a chart to show the power consumption with different frequencies.
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Post by infiniteimprobability »

STARTkit probably isn't the best platform for power experiments. It's a dual tile device where one tile is dedicated to the task of being a debug adapter - so you get one user tile.
However, the debug adapter code running on the other tile isn't particularly optimised for power (no need to..) so it will drown out any readings you get from the user tile.

You can save quite a lot of power by scaling frequency, or more often than not, making goo use of events rather than polling in your code. If you use timers, channels/interfaces with lots of selects{} then this will happen anyway..

Any platform where the debugger is external will be a better target for doing power experiments.